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Transforming Customer Experiences at Harvard Business School

Posted: May 7, 2019 in:

Our customers are always a priority at Falvey Insurance Group and we’ve built that focus into everything we do. Providing quality service is in our mission statement and our top value is relationships. This isn’t a hollow promise—we truly want to provide customers with the best service and to that end, seven members of Falvey’s executive team attended the “Transforming Customer Experiences” (TCE) program at Harvard Business School from April 14-17.

We sent a cross-functional team to TCE, including Jack Falvey, Michael E. Falvey, Eric Newman, Catherine Hughes-Fury, Matthew Rebello, Julie Hencler, and Megan Bell. Our goal is to apply program learnings holistically across the company. In particular, Falvey is hosting three internal “Customer Focus Weeks” in May and June where the team who attended the TCE program will work with each business unit to share learnings and communicate relative customer needs.


The TCE Experience

TCE’s mission is “To create the conditions where customers, employees, and owners can simultaneously thrive,” which aligns very well with Falvey’s own philosophies. TCE participants come from a wide array of industry sectors, and from all over the world—there were over 70 attendees from 23 countries in our April session.

Each program is led by an expert team, who guides participants through a three-phase curriculum: design, execution, transformation. Within each phase, participants use real-world case studies to learn effective, hands-on tactics that can be implemented in their own organizations.

Generally speaking, all of the tactics, skills, and technology covered in the TCE course was “people focused.” This was the foundation of the four-day course, which was divided into case discussions, interactive lectures, workshops, small-group talk, and individual coaching sessions.

Some of our team’s favorite discussions included:  

    • Strategic Tradeoffs in Service Design: The benefits of focus and being able to provide the best service in specific areas, versus trying to be everything to everyone.
    • Designing Service Excellence: Determining what your customers value most and how you can reliably deliver it to them.
    • Executing With Touch & Technology: How to realistically do more with less, instead of just less with less.
    • Human-Centered Service Transformation: The strategies around design thinking and learning from customers to create and make intelligent choices.

These sessions also included diagnostic questions that helped each organization think critically about its processes and offerings.

Bringing TCE To Falvey

Everyone from the Falvey team who attended TCE said it was one of the best educational experiences they have ever had. They are bringing home specific tactics and learnings that we will implement immediately, starting with our Customer Focus Weeks in May and June. From NPS and process design to innovation education, we have big plans on how to continually improve and strengthen our customers’ experiences.

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