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Remote New Hire: Desiree Neiwert

Posted: May 27, 2020 in:

The global pandemic continues to create a challenging working environment for many. Here at Falvey Cargo, we knew we’d have to make some changes to keep operating smoothly. As soon as the governor began to close schools and businesses, we started putting our disaster recovery plan in place, ensuring all our employees were adequately equipped to work from home. We also continued moving forward with our first remote hire, Desiree Neiwert. 

Desiree joined the team as our newest Underwriting Account Assistant. Her start date was set for March 23, ten days after our employees had already begun working from home. The team decided to continue with her hiring process remotely, diligently working to get Desiree on track and providing her with her laptop and onboarding materials, despite not being able to meet in person. 

Kristen De Souza, Falvey’s Underwriting Administration Manager, remotely trained associates across the nation at her previous position. Kristen used her experience working remotely to help Desiree get up to speed. She said, “It’s all about communicating and really having the trainee drive. [They share] their screen, so you can coach as they go and they can ask questions. This helps the trainer gauge the trainee’s comfort with what they learned.”

As for Desiree, she expressed that virtual onboarding training with Falvey has been a seamless experience. She said, “Remote training has been very exciting and challenging. It really does not feel much different from other training besides having to communicate by phone.” She continued, “My trainer, Kristen, has been great to work with and has made this process very smooth!” 

The Falvey team continues to develop training methods and plans to bring on additional remote employees during this time. We have hosted virtual meetings and introductions to familiarize Desiree with her teammates and shipped her training manuals so she can have them on-hand. 

Desiree said, “Falvey has shown such generosity and kindness towards each other and the community – even through difficult times. Working from home seems to have brought everyone together even more than before. This has proven how everyone can handle change and difficulties and still find time to laugh and smile.”

The pandemic may have caused unprecedented changes in the way businesses operate, but the Falvey team has proven agile and adaptable. We are flexible and efficient as we roll with the changes and continue to provide services and add remote hires to our team.

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