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Kristin Brock Promoted to Underwriting Trainee

Posted: November 7, 2018 in:

Kristin Brock, better known as Kristi at Falvey, has an interesting employee backstory. 

"I originally joined Falvey Yacht Insurance in April of 2011 after about 3 years of crewing on mega yachts. In May of 2014 I left Falvey and became a Guest Relations Manager for the Ocean House Hotel in Watch Hill. In December of 2015, John Larimer, Vice President of Claims at Falvey, called and asked if I’d be interested in coming back to Falvey working on the claims side of Yachts. I happily started back at Falvey in January of 2016. This coming January will be 6 years collectively employed with the company."

Kristi rejoined Falvey and assisted the rest of the claims team during a historical hurricane season when Harvey, Irma and Maria hit the U.S. coastline. Recently, a new position became available in the Cargo division. Kristi's work ethic, personality, and past underwriting experience all made her the perfect candidate when deciding on the best fit. Effective October 22nd, Kristi was promoted to Underwriting Trainee and will work alongside Senior Vice President, Michael E. Falvey, and Underwriter, Brad Eldridge. Kristi commented:

"I am really looking forward to joining the Cargo side of the Company and getting back into Underwriting!

I am excited for the new challenges ahead and I am grateful to remain working with some of the kindest, hardest-working, and enthusiastic individuals that I’ve been lucky enough to meet over the years here."

Congratulations to Kristi, and good luck in yet another new role with the company!

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