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Get To Know Michelle Tourgee Wood

Posted: May 21, 2019 in:

It’s not often you meet someone in the underwriting field who’s a bookworm that swims with turtles. Say hello to Michelle Tourgee Wood, our featured team member for this month.

As an underwriting technical assistant, Michelle is responsible for preparing and issuing policy documents, analyzing and inputting applications for underwriters, and responding to brokers requests. Overall, she assists underwriters in managing and growing our book of business—and successfully strikes the balance of having both technical knowledge and customer service skills.

“Every day at Falvey Cargo is different,” Michelle says. “I never know what will come across my desk, which makes my job interesting and challenging. I’ve also been fortunate throughout my career to have established enduring friendships with my coworkers. I’ve made real friends here at Falvey and the best part is this spans multiple departments. It really feels like family.”

Before joining Falvey Cargo, Michelle worked at Liberty Mutual Insurance for 13 years. During her tenure there, she was promoted from designated service representative to customer service specialist, and finally to lead service specialist, where she coached teammates and had authority to override underwriting exceptions. Michelle’s experience also includes 12 years as an assistant manager at Waldenbooks.

Michelle holds a B.A. in English from the University of Rhode Island and has lived in the “Ocean State” her entire life. Fun fact: Falvey’s offices sit on the shores of the same bay she grew up overlooking.

Michelle has been married for 26 years and spends most of her free time outside. She enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, gardening, and traveling—most recently, she swam with sea turtles in Curacao. She’s also an avid reader who loves to cook.

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