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Avoid and Manage Losses with ProTecht Risk Solutions

Posted: August 14, 2018 in:

The ProTecht Risk Solutions program is designed to actively prevent and avert losses, while also addressing the management of claims and adopting aggressive recovery techniques. The program takes a three-pronged approach:

  1. Loss Prevention Services
    Our consultative loss prevention services are personalized for each client—we don’t believe in “one size fits all” and tailor our expert guidance to meet your individual needs. These services are already built into your premium:
  • Experienced and trustworthy consultation, primarily focused on supply chain management and cargo risk mitigation
  • Comprehensive strategy and customized loss prevention strategies developed in collaboration with the Assured
  • General guidance on industry best practices for cargo handling, shipping, packaging, storage, vendor management and more
  1. Claims Processing Services
    We won’t leave you hanging. Your on-going client support includes efficient claims reporting and processing:
  • Knowledgeable, worldwide network of surveyors
  • Specialized claims processing personnel who know your business and industry
  • $350,000 in-house claims authority for immediate payouts
  • Data trend analysis and profile-building to identify and insulate against your risk factors
  1. Recovery Services
    Leveraging our industry knowledge, we provide clients with segmented and specialized recovery capabilities:
  • Very aggressive cargo claim recovery processes
  • Experienced in-house counsel to facilitate subrogation processes on your behalf
  • Unique channels to optimize financial recoveries

We take a proactive, personalized approach, using all of the resources at our disposal to protect clients from risk. In the event of a loss, our clients trust us to make the process hassle free, and we take that trust very seriously.” - Bob Falvey, ProTecht Legal Services and Recoveries Manager

ProTecht’s Areas of Expertise
The best risk solutions come from people who know your industry and its challenges, inside and out. ProTecht Loss Prevention program’s key areas of expertise are:

  • Capital Equipment Moves
    • Packing specifications
    • Carrier vetting and selection
    • Logistical analysis and risk assessment
    • Technology to monitor tempoerature, humidity, shock/vibration/impact exposures
    • SOP development and implementation with carriers and LSPs
  • Life Sciences
    • Temperature Control Distribution best practices
    • Global Regulatory Compliance
    • Thermal packaging solutions
    • Shipping lane risk assessment and evaluation
    • SOP development and implementation with carriers and LSPs
    • Carrier vetting and selection
    • Quality Management System development
  • Property COPE Assessments
  • Product Packaging
    • Industry test standards
    • Commodity-specific qualification
  • Surveyor Management
    • Regular Performance Reviews
    • Roster management based on commodity/specialization requirements
  • Rapid Response
    • Incident coordination
    • Root Cause Analysis
  • Security
    • Location/Static risk assessment
    • In-transit risk assessment
  • Geographic Risk Analysis
    • High-risk geographies
    • Route evaluation standards
  • Logistics
    • Standards of care
    • Best practices

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